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Enduro League
Time Trial Challenge

This exciting new enduro riding concept allows competitors to ride in a relaxed, non-race, time trial style challenge.

Riding against the clock on a prescribed route, competitors can go out to any of the three venues at any time and log timed laps. They can ride as many laps as they wish, in their own time and then post their fastest lap of the day, which will be added to the League tables.

This casual format give riders of all skill levels the opportunity to see where they rank amongst their peers and allow themselves to plot their progress over time. And of course shoot for the awesome prizes up for grabs at the end of every heat.

How it works

On registration to the League, a competitor will be mailed the routes for the three courses for that 'heat' or 'season'. They then choose the respective route they wish to ride that day, download it to their GPS and Ride!

They will then self time their respective laps using a cell phone and the 'Strava' phone app or a GPS.

They then mail their fastest lap of the day back to organizers to be added to the league table for that respective course.

A rider is free to ride any course, do as many laps, whenever and with whoever they wish.

There is no limitation on bike capacity or rider age.

Riders times will be posted on the Enduro-League spreadsheets for each route. Only a riders fastest time for a particular course will be displayed.

Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 riders in each class for each course for every heat.

League tables will be updated bi-weekly on the Enduro-League page on the Moto 101 and E-Dirt forum.

Enduro-League is a challenge not a race, there is therefore no competitor licence requirement, any rider at any skill level can participate.

The classes

All competitors for a particular course will simply be divided into 'Expert' and 'Intermediate' classes based on an even time split.

The Routes

Routes will be ride-able for all skill levels but technical enough to test skill, stamina and speed.

They will be the same for both classes and encompass a wide variety of terrains.

The first seasons routes will be at:

  • Heidelberg 4x4 Club - 12km
  • Arrow Rest - Hartbeesport - 9km
  • Wild West - Gerhaadsville - 12km


  • Heat (4 months) - R200
  • Season (1 year) - R400

Getting Started

  • Fill out the registration form and pay registration fee.
  • GPS route's will then be sent to you via mail to be saved on your laptop or PC.
  • Download 'Strava' app to your smart phone. It is advised you don't add 'followers' on the app but use it purely for timing.
  • Ensure Enduro League e-mail address is on your phone.
  • Choose a route for the day and download to your GPS device.
  • RIDE !

Riding Enduro League

Lap Start:

  • Proceed to lap 'start' board conveniently located in the car parks of each respective venue.
  • Select route on their GPS device, start navigation
  • Select 'Strava' app on phone and start timing then safely stash the device in your backpack.
  • RIDE!

Lap Finish:

  • On arriving at lap 'finish' board, stop timing.
  • Enter your name and save your lap.
  • On completion of your days riding, select your fastest lap and email to from your phone.

NOTE: The route and distance plot nature of the timing system ensures that no cutting of the course will go unnoticed.

The venues the Enduro-League courses are set on are active riding venues and will have other riders utilizing trails at any given time. Enduro League competitors should therefore exercise caution at all times!